Honesty from a Creative


Today’s topic is all about K.I.S.S. Not the lip syncing kind but the rule that applies to branding: Keep It Simple Silly. Less is more, trust me. I work and breath the creative industry 24/7 and when we designer types kindly tell you your idea for a logo design is a bit too much when you want 50 shades of greys, pinks, fluorescent yellow and a tinge of beige with floral bits sticking out from all angles and a kitten purring on the left side of the logo. It really is just too much. Please put your trust in the Graphic Designer.

Another thing us creatives really appreciate is good old fashion communication. Communication is the key to getting exactly what you had envisioned for your brand! Be honest. If you love something let us know and if you don’t let us know too so we can get onto making it fabulous for you. No need to beat around the bush, we take constructive criticism very well.

And lastly, no one enjoys chasing up invoices for all the love they have poured into creating your brand identity. Please be one of those amazing and memorable clients who pay on time and you will be rewarded with great karma!

Much love,
Shirlene Lai Allison xo