Is Marriage Boring?

MARRIAGE* Image of the husband and I, photographed by Michael Denovan.

Two separate conversations with friends recently got me thinking… Friend A stated “Marriage was so boring, that’s why I got out of it” and friend B kept reaffirming “I have to do everything first, try to fit in another overseas trip before settling down.”

It all didn’t make much sense to me. Since I have been with my husband for well over 10 years now, which also means, I have never been single in my twenties! I have also retained my independence, managed my own career path, shared mutual friends as well as have separate friends and interest. We have seen so much of the world together and also with others. Which got me thinking, maybe if you feel you have to ‘settle’ or feel ‘restricted’ in anyway, you may just have to change your mindset or maybe you are just committed to the wrong individual?

A marriage and even when you decide to have children should always allow you to be your own person, but also allow you the pleasure of having someone great to share it with at the end of the day.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo


2 thoughts on “Is Marriage Boring?”

  1. Spot on, Shirlene. A common goal, shared independence and trust are all so important in a relationship. I can’t see why it should change when 2 people get married.

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