The Challenges of a Working Mum

To the women who have had children, I am sure there have been many awkward moments during pregnancy and especially in the first twelve months of your child’s life. So hopefully I can get some sympathy with this post. In my case, it’s the times when I am at work (modelling) and every embarrassing matter is magnified by ten folds, especially when there is an audience or a lens pointing straight in my direction, there is just nowhere to hide!

The only time I have EVER cancelled on a shoot was the day I woke up and literally could not see! It was painful to sense the light but grateful it only lasted a day. It was also the day I cancelled my first date with my future husband, told you it was that serious!

So apart from that, here are some of the times I continued to work (talk about commitment or just plain crazy!)…..


This was a parade for Melbourne Fashion Week and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with morning sickness. I could barely stomach anything down back stage and just hoped I could execute the whole runway without giving the audience more than expected.


This shoot for a clothing label went overtime by two hours and we had already spent hours before hand shooting. You could only imagine with a four month old bub who was exclusively breast feeding what could possibly happen. Yep, I was so ridiculously full that I was shooting water(milk) pistols at the stylists! Lucky we were all quite delirious by that stage.


Perfect timing, a swimwear shoot the day I had Mastitis, but the show must go on! (Don’t even think about googling what this is, some say it’s even worse than childbirth)


During this full day shoot, I had to express the whole time the male makeup artist was doing his job. Poor guy didn’t know where to look and the back stage camera guy didn’t know if he should have been filming or not. Nothing quite like expressing while trying to hold a regular conversation.

On another memorable occasion while attending a casting for a Mother’s Day campaign shoot, little Miss Isla decided the best time to have a chuck was when mama was about to get her photo taken. It landed all over the photographer’s super white studio floor. Just lovely. Afraid to say, I missed out on that gig but then again, she has been a good luck charm and I did end up scoring a TV Commercial with the same company, at least she left an impression!

So there you have it. The next time you have one of those awkward moments in public, think to yourself, at least I know one other mother who could have made a career out of awkward moments.

Peace out.
-Shirlene Lai Allison xo


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