Ideas to keep toddlers entertained at home

So it has been a while now since I have written on this blog, life just got busy behind the scenes. This year, I have decided to take a little step back from Modelling and focus more of my energy on my print/ design business and spend more quality time with my toddler before number two makes an appearance. As they say, you will never get this time back and trust me it flies, Isla was a newborn not that long ago, I blinked and now she is nearly on her way to the terrible threes! I love this age group, they love you unconditionally and are not afraid to show their affections in public, they are fascinated by the most simple things in life and whinge about everything.

Here are some simple ideas you could try at home with your toddlers, that will not cost you an arm and a leg…

Plastic Bottles

Nuts, Rice & Pebbles.1) Music Makers.
Find some empty plastic bottles and fill them with either nuts, rice or some small pebbles and there you have it, instant maracas.
Coloured Squares2) Learn your colours.
Head down to Bunnings and grab yourself a handful of coloured paint sheet samples. Once you get home spread the coloured sheets around the room and get your child to place items of the same colour range with the right coloured sheets. Its fun and educational.
Op Shop Clothes3) Play Dress ups.
Keep a box at home and fill it with old items e.g. scarves, sunglasses, hats or even head down to your local op shop and stock up on some outfits. Little girls can be so funny sometimes, I’m not sure when it all started, but Isla now only wants to wear dresses and shorts, even on cold days.
Tent4) Go Camping Indoors.
Why not change it up a little, instead of sleeping in the bedroom for one night, set up a tent with sleeping bags in the lounge room and instead of using lights around the home, use a torch to complete the experience.
Veggie Patch5) Green Thumb.
Grow your own fruits and vegetables and teach your children the basics. What I find is, if Isla picks the vegetables herself and then helps me in the kitchen preparing it, she is more likely to eat it.
Playdoh6) Playdoh
Hard to go past the trusty old Playdoh, you can make it yourself at home or buy the ready made ones in store. This product is inexpensive and can keep the kids entertained. It’s a great creative outlet and really works on their imaginations.

If you have any more ideas, I would love to hear about it.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo


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