The Drive Home

* This is the look we got from the back seat of the car after a solid eight hours drive home!

The start of the month was a celebration of some sorts, a family road trip which was supposed to be a month long adventure with no set plans or destinations to celebrate our little ones 3rd birthday and also a getaway for my husband who had just completed two years of full time studying his MBA degree. Who by the way, passed with flying colours! Yes, I’m a proud as punch wife here.

We discovered some amazing beaches, sand dunes, a reptile park, a hippy town and wild dolphins on our trip. The best thing was living in the moment, not really knowing what town or where we would be sleeping for the night.

Australian Reptile Park001Australian Reptile Park005TerrigalHawkes Nest001Hawkes Nest002Hawkes Nest003Hawkes Nest004Australian Reptile Park002Hunter Valley Gardens001Hunter Valley Gardens003SNOWAustralian Reptile Park003Port Macquarie002Port Macquarie001Australian Reptile Park004Hawkes Nest005Sherbrooke002Sherbrooke001

Things changed quickly within two weeks of our travels with news back home that my dear uncle had passed away. Read more about this amazing man here from my very first blog post [superman] So over three days we turned our car around and headed home as quickly as we could in time for my husband to organise the funeral and to be there for my cousins who had been looking after their father since they were children.

The week that followed, our friends discovered their newborn son at three months of age may need a heart transplant and for him to survive it, will take a miracle.

So what have I learnt this month? To hold onto your loved ones closely and just to be there for the ones who need it the most.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo