Sri Lanka

This was a very spur of the moment adventure. No kidding… My sister wins holidays as often as she eats breakfast! So that’s how we ended up in the country known for its spices and beaches, Sri Lanka.

The first two days were planned and for the rest of the journey, we pretty much winged it.

Our first stop was a meditation retreat in the jungle, The Kandy Samadhicentre. I highly recommend it there, purely for the amazing food and the experience of being isolated and so close to nature.


Next stop was Kandy. Apparently we missed seeing Prince Charles by 20 minutes who was just outside the hotel we stayed at.
09025010802205For a truly authentic Sri Lankan experience, catch the railway train. Most of the trip was spent in sweaty, cramped conditions, with children sharing lap spaces of total strangers. Buskers and beggars would wonder aimlessly through the carriages trying to make a dollar or two.

We chatted to many locals as best as we could, but a word of warning, do not have a full bladder. There are no toilets on board!
0230407016For all the single ladies, there are a lot of friendly men there!

Next stop, the beach town of Galle.
01302702403This lovely lady that we stumbled upon and who spoke very little english kept calling me and my sister her daughters. She ended up offering us a room for $10 dollars and even stayed up late at night just to make sure we returned safely to her place. Just an all round beautiful soul.
026I have a bad habit of photographing Linda as she sleeps. Yes, I am weird!
06Last stop, Colombo.
The National Museum was worth a visit and The Gallery Cafe was a sensational place to dine.
02So there you have it, the adventures of S and L in Sri Lanka!

Photos by Linda Lai & Shirlene Lai Allison.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo



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