The Luckiest Month

Selected as a winner out of 155 entries by Canadian Club as a clever marketing concept. (Top left: Antler Mirror)

This lucky spell came in the month I was also proposed too, made the AA finals of the Victorian Opens in beach volleyball in 40+ degrees heat, represented Victoria in the National Miss Universe Australia Finals and selected as a Runway Model for the TV show Project Runway Australia! Very grateful for all my blessings.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo


Modelling Moments

Fashion modelling has played a big part of my working life for the past 8 years and to think my ultimate goal throughout high school was to be a school teacher, its funny what life throws at you! I went into the industry not knowing at all what to expect after receiving numerous business cards from photographers and agents in my final year of high school. Always one for a good challenge, I threw myself in the deep end and made sure I was represented by a reputable agency.

So here is a post dedicated to some of the more memorable modelling moments:

• Project Runway Australia, Foxtel TV Series.                                                                             I was lucky to be cast for this tv series as one of the regular runway Models, what made it a great experience was the fantastic cast & crew I got to work with, there was always something to laugh about with the other Models backstage! The amount of work the crew puts in behind the scenes, just makes me appreciate how much effort goes into tv shows before they air.

• Press conference in Tahiti.                                                                                                             As I was holidaying in Tahiti one year, the major newspapers held a press conference for me as I was giving support to the girls entering the Miss Tahiti pageant. They had also organised a position for me to be one of the judges if I had wanted to extend my travels there for the week. The funny thing was, as English was very limited there, my hubby had to translate everything to the press in French for me.

• Representing Victoria in the Miss Universe National Finals.                                                 Perseverance paid off. The fist year I entered, I made it through to the final 10 in the state finals, I thought this was too close to give up so finally I made it to the National finals. We were flown up to Sydney and stayed at the Hilton Hotel were we had some intense media training & choreographed runway sessions. I was also impressed with the number of girls from diverse cultural backgrounds representing their states in the Australian National Finals.

• MX Cover Shoot.                                                                                                                               I remember this day being freezing cold and the three of us girls booked for the shoot were posing on one of the busiest streets in Melbourne, mind you, I was in lingerie! There was a massive crowd around & a tram full of Japanese tourist taking our photo. The great thing about this job, is that our agent booked the right girls as the three of us just clicked and are still the closest of mates after all these years.

The best things about this industry would have to be the creative people I have had the chance to meet, the feeling you get when you book a great job & the randomness of it all!

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– Shirlene Lai Allison xo