How to get your pre baby body back

Before & After Pregnancy Allison* (Left & Middle): A day before birth. (Right): Post baby body.

First of all, excuse my daggy attire in these pregnancy shots, there was nothing more comfortable than lounging around in pyjamas when you are carrying a brand spanking new human being!

So now, I am blessed with an extremely energetic one year old. With less time at the moment for intense exercise (pre-baby days, I was training up to three times a week in beach volleyball) and currently weighing less now then I did before I was pregnant, what is the secret to getting back into shape you may ask?

It’s really simple. EAT WELL.

Find time to prepare your own meals using fresh ingredients. Trust me, I still manage to eat more than most people in one sitting and I could never refuse an offer of ice-cream but its the simple advice of 80% eating for your health and 20% indulgent.

Here are some of my personal healthy dishes you could try at home:


If you would like any of the recipes above, just send me a message, enjoy!

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo


4 thoughts on “How to get your pre baby body back”

  1. hi,
    this diet looks great. i’d like to prepare all of them.
    could you please give me the recipe for all these dishes, to my email.

    i would be very! grateful!

    thank you

    1. Good luck with your pregnancy Cham! I will post some more recipes and tips in a near future post, so stay connected. Just remember to eat simple foods and full fat in the meantime. Anything that reduces fat is pumped with a higher rate of sugar.

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