There has been a few occasions where I have been fortunate to have been flown to Sydney to be a part of fashion parades, but after this one in particular, I had no interest in hanging out with the Models after the show. Instead, in my carefree and fearless state of mind, I decided to venture off on my own into the night and ended up in a random jazz bar. Best decision ever.

It was here I met a Magician! (I even had this written down on my goal list to meet one, believe it or not) I am not even sure who was more intrigued by the initial meeting. There was no signs he was a Magician but none the less, I walked straight up to this stranger and said “do you want to see me perform a card trick?” I think he was in awe I had a deck of cards with me in my handbag.

So for the rest of the night til morning, I had this Magician perform a personal show for me, I learned he met his idol Muhammad Ali by ‘stealing’ his watch and then claiming he found it. I was offered to fly to Las Vegas to perform in shows with him but all I ever wanted, was to learn the perfection of performing card tricks well.

So after one crazy night, I had an hour taxi ride back to my hotel in Bondi, only to be told by the taxi driver that the lift was complimentary. I guess the magic had rubbed off on me that evening.

Back at the hotel, channel nine was on the screen, and who do I see being interviewed by Kerri-Anne Kennerley….none other then the Magician I had just met.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo
(I am looking forward to sharing more crazy adventure stories with you all on this blog, so stay tuned!)