Directions Please

In the past fortnight alone, I have spoken to a handful of people who seemed to be stuck in a rut, who have felt like time is just passing them by. It just makes me wonder how many more people are also consumed in this cycle were their life is currently not where they intended it to be.

Well, if you want change, start right here. Print out this 5 year plan which I have made for YOU and fill it out completely now.

Everything is achievable, the trick is to break down your main goals with a list of step by step directions on getting there.

I had this goal list completed the first time when I finished school. Its safe to say now, that everything that I had aspired to has happened and so much more. Now it’s the excitement of achieving everything on my newest goal list as my main priority.

There is nothing I would want more, then to know that you have made the most of this one life you have been given. All the best with it and let me know how you go in 5 years time!

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo