The Beauty Around Us

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”- Lao Tzu

Waste more time doing the things you love.
When I travel, all my senses become invigorated.
I plan to spend my life searching for more beauty in this World.

Images from my recent travels, I hope you enjoy.

*Halong Bay, Vietnam.

*Santorini, Greece.

*Barcelona, Spain.

* Biazzitz, France.

*San Sebastian, Spain.

*Montelimar, France.

* Helsinki, Finland.
(Only in Eastern Europe, do you find masked seagulls)

* Paris, France.
(I’m loving this graffiti of an upside down seahorse, the warm tones of the street lights sets the mood in this lane way)

*Doha, Qatar.

*Mt.Hotham, Victoria.

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo