My Baby Bump :)

* Last month of pregnancy pics

I cannot believe how quick time has flown, by next month we will be parents, not only for a short time but for the rest of our lives. I’m not sure you can truly ever be ready for the changes in lifestyle dynamics with a baby on board but I am looking forward to the challenges and joys of parenthood.

As this is my final month of pregnancy, I thought I would share my little journey. I must admit, I went into it not realising how many obstetrician appointments, pre-natal classes, blood tests, monitoring glucose levels and strict dieting I would have to endure due to gestational diabetes, but its all been worth it. Being pregnant really does make you appreciate the wonders of what a woman’s body is capable of.

The most wonderful feeling is when you can feel your baby move inside you, it truly is a sensation like no other!

A beautiful quote I read today: “A mother holds your hand for a while, and your heart forever.” Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mums out there for this Sunday!

– Shirlene Lai Allison xo



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